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What is Tonya 23? 

Tonya 23's Journey


Greetings to all!

I am Tonya 23, Thank you for visiting my page.  After many years of of hands on, experience, learning, and training others working in a corporate environment of Fundraising, office management and finally an "Executive Assistant", with 35 years invested, one day towards the end of my career I realized I have assisted many to bring their companies and organizations' dreams to fruition, and not my own. I2022 is a good time to level up and move on.  I had enough me time!  I'm moving on working hard to implement my own goals. Now I am in Divine alignment and have clear direction of how to put all I've experienced to great use.  To begin, I am a natural healing spiritualist who offers motivation, inspiration, and am successful at living a purpose driven, positive lifestyle. In conclusion I offer my gifts to others and receive the fruits of my labors as I continue to strive in self-development to always realize my purpose in my works with and for others.  A list of offerings I bring to one's life are unique, specialized, and customized to offer a broad range of gifts and services by becoming a master scheduler. My bookings, events, classes, trainings, and product orders are all done by Tonya 23 herself.  Check out my list of services to see how I can help enhance your life and increase positive vibes in your life in hopes you spread the positivity to another.  Perhaps, you are so positive that you would share my services with your friends, family, co-workers, etc.  In conclusion, I treat others with respect, love, and clear communications. It's always brought positive results.

Grace and thanks to my ancestors

#greatgrandgoddessofallcreation #rubysheir

Tonya 23 Services:  

  • Creator of standard and customized wellness products here

  • Online Notary Public - US only; serve local residents directly here

  • Self -Development and Fiction Author, with 11 publications here 

  • Life Coaching sessions

  • Remote and in person Reiki Energy Healing Sessions 

  • Oracle

  • Exclusive product and Retail Store online only See hand picked products here

  • Podcast station here:   House of Tonya 23 | Spreaker

  • Member Group Cosmic Collaborations here 

  • Tonya 23's Blog page  offers inspirational stories on spirituality, philosophy, science and economics here

  • Grief ministry services available here

  • Numerology and Natal Reading charts 


No upcoming events at the moment

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