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14K SOLID GOLD 6 PRONG EARRINGS; 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm
  • 14K SOLID GOLD 6 PRONG EARRINGS; 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm

    SKU: 103294
    IVA inclusa |

    Product information:

    Material: 14K Solid Gold, Nikel Free

    Stone: Cubic Zirconia

    Color: Yellow Gold

    Original: Korea

    The pin length: 6mm (for ball screw earring back)

    Earring backs size: Ball screw earring back: 3mm; Silicone earring back: 5.5mm; Butterfly earring back: 3.8mm

    Detailed description:

    - The earrings are manufactured using high technology so they are almost perfectly beautiful.

    - Made by 14k solid gold, so it is safe for babies and sensitive skin.

    Instructions for use and storage:

    - You should divide each product to prevent it from scratching.

    - Do not impact strongly on products.

    - Usually use jewelry towel to clean up to keep products bright and beautiful.

    - When you do not wear jewelry please preserve at dry place, avoiding sunshine, high temperature or humidity.

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