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House of Tonya 23's butter in a bottle!

House of Tonya 23's butter in a bottle!

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"Try our Lovely Lavender squeezable  Body Butter! Handmade and Homemade with whipped Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Essential Oils Used for Fragrance! Moisturize and Nurture your skin. Feed it the vitamins it needs which all can be found in Shea Butter. Our Shea Butter comes directly from Ghana, Africa. We use only the best ingredients! Enjoy this fresh and exclusive scent! Sure to bring compliments from admirers as well as give your skin a what it needs to stay healthy! Great for Daily Use. Bottle Size is 11 ounces. Skincare truly is a delicate matter. It seems like virtually anything we do can potentially throw our skin off balance and lead to excess dryness, an oil slick, a breakout or a rash. Everyday matters such as stress, weather or using a new product may drive our skin to freak out in one way or another. This is especially true for people with sensitive skin. Lavender essential oil is steam distilled from the beautiful purple flowers of the lavender plant. This oil is a shining star among essential oils because it is very gentle, yet very potent.""Benefits of using Lavender for your skin Lavender has soothing, sedative properties and also has the ability to cleanse and remove toxins. If you’re new to essential oils, this is a great one to start experimenting with. One of the wonderful benefits of lavender essential oil is its antibacterial activity. Because lavender oil can penetrate pores to kill bacteria, it may go far in preventing and healing breakouts. You can apply lavender oil diluted in coconut oil to your skin after you wash your face. This will not only moisturize, but also help to reduce breakouts. Lavender essential oil is anti-inflammatory. It can thus help to reduce redness, blotching and ruddiness of the skin, helping to restore your bright, natural skin tone. When used regularly, this oil may also help to reduce dark age spots and other types of skin discolorations. Lavender is remarkable and we use the very best essential oils! 8 oz


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