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As I Push Forward!

As I push forward with working and creating my site, I am reminded that this is my like my baby. I going to nurture, love, and tend to its every need. Always thinking about its future and planning for its lifelong success. I think this is a good way to think about something that need nurturing, like our lifelong goals. In my 50 great years of living, I find that i keep revisiting this one area of maturity. I know for certain the main ingredient to success of anything requires something called "stick-to-itiveness", Interesting looking word isnt it? Yes, anything you do consistently and keep working at it is eventually going to work one way or the other. I have decided to apply this principal and report my journey as I move along. I hope you all are safe, and living life to your highest potential and that is taping into yourself and releasing your many talents. By the way the thumbnail is my new logo I created for my custom T-shirt part of

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