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Harmony Gateway

  • Complete Natal Chart

    +10 USD Supplies, printing paper, ink, delivery
    Unlock the secrets of your astrological blueprint with a Full Natal Chart from This personalized chart offers a detailed map of the cosmos at the exact moment of your birth.
    • Explore the unique interactions between planets
    • Delve into your karmic path and life’s purpose with insights
    • A Full Natal Chart from is a powerful tool.
    • Profound understanding of yourself and the cosmic influences
    • And so much more, see full description in your email.
  • Reading Reveals

    Short Spiritual Consultations
    • 15-20 minute Spiritual consultations.
  • Reiki Healing Session

    • Deep Relaxation
    • Energy Balance
    • Pain Relief
    • Emotional Healing
    • Spiritual Growth
    • Holistic Wellness: Achieve a holistic sense of wellness
  • Holistic Wellness Enthusiast Consult

    Becoming Conscious About Your Health Personal Guide
    • A comprehensive Personal Guide To changing health Regime
  • Spiritual Business/Career Consultation

    Find Out What Career or Business are You Destined For?
    • Don't waste time or money any more!
    • There's a Specific job or busines tailor made just for you!
    • Clarity and Direction
    • Achieve a balanced approach to work and life
    • Personal Growth: Enhance self-awareness
    • Stress Reduction: Learn techniques to manage stress
    • Increased Creativity: Tap into your creative potential
  • Notary Master Class

    Join my Notary Master class and start your own business.
    • Teachings on Job and Business Opportunities as a Notary!
    • Opportunity to find out how being a Notary can advance you!
    • One on One or Group Lessons Available-specify at pay screen
    • Follow-up consult and assistance getting certified
  • EEA Academy

    +5 USD Class Prep
    Esoteric Enlightenment Academy
    • Access to all "Live" content and all posted in this section!
    • Meditations and techniques to open your third eye quickly.
    • 20% off any spiritual supplies from our Emporium!
    • Option to purchase an Academy Hoodie, Teeshirt, Tote Bags.
  • Wellness Master

    Ogni mese
    Level 3 Monthly Member Offer
    • All perks from Wellness Explorer and Enthusiast
    • 20% discount on all items in our retail store
    • 1 signed paperback book of your choice from our bookstore
    • Exclusive Wellness Master T-shirt from our print on demand s
    • Quarterly 1-on-1 personal wellness consultation (30 minutes)
    • Priority access to channel events and workshops

All products and services are for offered is at the sole discretion of the buyer. All cancellations will be processed immediately. Thank you for your participation

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