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Current times and retail vs online shopping preferences. Which do you prefer?

As a mom, wife, sister, entrepreneur, among many other obligations I can name, online shopping has been a real useful shift in daily living. During the pandemic, online food ordering and household supplies quickly became a service most Americans are grateful for. Let's face it life can get so busy and unpredictable, who's going grocery shopping can be the last thing on our minds, but when you have the little ones, I'm afraid that won't cut it. Google reported that 76% of adults prefer to shop online. Google also reported that in 2016, 209.6 million U.S. people were online shoppers and had browsed products, compared prices or bought merchandise online at least once. These figures are projected to reach 230.5 million in 2021, positioning the United States as of one the leading e-commerce markets based on online shopper penetration. This is the most current information on that stat. More personally, I prefer to buy 80% of what I need online. For one, not all the stores I like shopping at are near me, and the malls are so grossly overpriced with jewelry, food, clothes, shoes and more; let alone there's not to many people frequenting the malls anyway. The only reasonable priced item I noticed were phone accessories. As society adjusts to new ways of living normal life, I see online shopping participants increasing. One thing we can be sure of, new retail websites are being created every day, may I suggest trying this awesome new website " created by a family woman who understands the value of saving money. Tonya 23 is a Mega store just like the popular stores that sells all common and designer products and fashions. From Baby cloths, and strollers to art, beauty supplies, shoes for the entire family and so much more. As a new business rollout and the very fact that a small business cannot compete with these entities as they pay their way to the top of internet and social media advertising. It's a crippling situation for the small businessperson. Outstanding products but caught in the web of the matrix trying to survive. Make no mistake about it, it is "Not" due to quality of products as we know everything, we purchase from China breaks and doesn't last long, from the Bluetooth speakers to the fake jewelry they advertise as 24kt gold. They will do anything to make a sale, and I hope consumers start to smarten up and spend their money not only to just receive their desires, but to work with companies who are struggling trying to make it up the convoluted ladder. I implore the online shoppers of the world to give small family companies a try. Mosts of these businesses have to up their prices just to cover the lack of sales they have received. In the current and coming economic times, its the small companies who will have access to get products and keep them circulating in our communities., stop by and subscribe to receive coupons, sales, new items and so much more. Tonya 23 is also a full-service Notary Public who can do notarizations in any state, with proper identification.

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