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Hi all,

I wanted to stop by and see how everyone is doing? I hope this post finds everyone in the best of health, wealth, abundance, and a healthy mental state. If at first you don't succeed try and try again. Or, you can adjust to what your circumstances are. We are all forced to live a bit cautiously. People in positions throughout the world are taking their old and outdated rules into a new society. The age of Aquarius is among us. How are you holding up with the planetary transformations? The sun is giving us CME's that are off the charts so to speak. Our bodies are either being broken down or rebuilt. Those that practice even a somewhat healthy diet will make it thru without to many complications. It is advised to get more sleep, Reiki, Tai-Chi-, meditation, singing bowl sessions, swimming, singing, getting a pet of some sort. I would also suggest getting a friend or partner of some sort, and set a time and do positive affirmations with one another as anything said consistently for 28 days consistently building the energy can manifest your goals. Even if that goal is maintaining good mental health. One tip for this "Good Mental Health" would be to remain open minded about various things you are now learning are not true or solid. For example: We have been taught that the govt is a honest entitiy that we can trust, and now we are all learning daily, that this is far from the truth. Historic facts about how resources are acquired thru bloodshed and war, when men should be able to reason with one another and solve their issues. Just know that the people are the victims, so show love to yourself understand that life is literally what you make it. Become independent in your thinking and take charge of your lives now. Taking charge can consist of: caring for your body and mind, tiding up your home, take some time for self development its the best thing we can all do. I know the bills are coming and the checks aren't increasing but true wealth is how you feel about yourself at the end of all the manmade stresses put on you. Can you still feel great about who you are as a individual? I'm here to say on a cosmic level: all is not lost and the last shall be first, whatever that means to you personally. I wish you all peace, love and light.

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